• RANZCP 2022 Annual Congress, Sydney

❖Pre-Congress Workshop, ‘Developing a blueprint for the shape of Mental HealthServices in Australia’, J Allan, V Eapen, I Hickie, P McGorry, A Tomar, A Virgona.

❖‘A binational College or one comprising nine colonies? The impact of a fracturedfederation on relationships between the binational College, its branches/NZ and respective governments’, A Virgona, A Tomar, B Emmerson, M Galbally, P Furst, D Chapman.

❖Speaker, ‘Women as Leaders in Psychiatry: Glass Ceiling or Myth?’, A Tomar, A Cockram, R Vine, J Kulkarni, C Quadrio, S Loi, P Golding, S Adams, N Elzahaby, M Bismarck, C Silberberg, E Moore, M Galbally, P Brahmbhatt, B Kotze, E Moore, S Mckersey, S Arunonigri.

❖Speaker, ‘Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System: Is it delivering what it promised?’, A Tomar, P McGorry, A Cockram, R Vine, S Stafrace, B Singh, R Bharat, R Lakshmana.

❖‘Supporting Psychiatry Workforce through COVID19. Initiatives at Victorian Branch, RANZCP’, A Tomar, L Allen.

❖‘The Racism Awareness Working Group: Equity, discrimination and racial discrimination-creating stronger links and safety for our culturally and linguistically diverse patients’, A Tomar, S Loi, S Sundaram, JP Teo, A Arumugam, S Yadav.

❖‘Supporting trainees in leadership: initiatives at the Victorian Branch, RANZCP’, A Tomar, K Allen, T Sellitto, L Allen.

❖‘Bringing Trainees and SIMGs into the fold: What are we waiting for?’, A Tomar, A Virgona, K Jenkins, R Lakshmana.

❖Chair, ‘Relevance of Feminism to Psychiatry Today’, Speaker M Galbally, Inaugural National Women in Psychiatry Meeting

Victorian Branch Presentations:

❖Debate: ‘Should psychiatrists hold the pen on involuntary treatment?’, A Tomar, SStafrace, R Vine, C Ryan, S Adams, P Tune, Victorian Branch RANZCP Annual Conference, Lorne, 2022

❖‘Update on Reform process RCVMHS’, P McGorry, M Hopwood, S Moylan, A Tomar, Victorian Branch RANZCP Annual Conference, Lorne, 2022

❖Moderator, ‘Psychiatrists and the state of Victorian Mental Health System’, Panelists C Morgan, R Vine, A Carroll, R Newton, P McGorry & H Herrman, Victorian Branch RANZCP Annual Conference, Lorne, 2019.

Other National and International Presentations and work:

Speaker, ‘Systemic Misogyny and Violence against Women and Girls: An international perspective’, A Tomar, Women and Mental Health Special Interest Group Conference 2022, RCPsych, Royal College of Psychiatrists, October 2022

Speaker, Leadership for MH System Development, ‘Human Resources for Mental Health: Initiatives in Victoria’, University of Melbourne, June and October 2022

Speaker, ‘Managing burnout and staying healthy’, RACP Physicians Wellbeing Seminar, September 2022