Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Strong advocate for system level equity, diversity and inclusion:

Speaker, ‘Systemic Misogyny and Violence against Women and Girls: An international perspective’, A Tomar, Women and Mental Health Special Interest Group Conference 2022, RCPsych, Royal College of Psychiatrists, October 2022

Speaker, ‘Women as Leaders in Psychiatry: Glass Ceiling or Myth?’, A Tomar, A Cockram, R Vine, J Kulkarni, C Quadrio, S Loi, P Golding, M Bismarck, C Silberberg, E Moore, M Galbally, P Brahmbhatt, B Kotze, E Moore, S Mckersey, S Arunonigri, RANZCP 2022 Annual Congress, Sydney

‘The Racism Awareness Working Group: Equity, discrimination and racial discrimination-creating stronger links and safety for our culturally and linguistically diverse patients’, A Tomar, S Loiloi, S Sundaram, JP Teo, RANZCP 2022 Annual Congress, Sydney

Chair, ‘Systematic approaches to achieving equality in mental health’, Dr Lade Smith& Dr Raj Mohan, RCPsych, Forum by Victorian Branch RAWG 2021

‘Bringing Trainees and SIMGs into the fold: What are we waiting for?’, A Tomar, A Virgona, K Jenkins, R Lakshmana, RANZCP 2022 Annual Congress, Sydney

Chair, ‘Relevance of Feminism to Psychiatry today’, Speaker M Galbally, Inaugural National Women in Psychiatry Meeting, Sydney, May 2022

Speaker, RACGP & RANZCP workshop on mental health concerns for Refugees and Asylum Seekers, 2014.

Ongoing work with asylum seekers, refugees, international students since 2010, both as provision of clinical services and strong advocacy for their human rights.