Support for HCWs During COVID

  • Coordination of RANZCP Victorian Branch COVID-19 Response
  • Initiation and establishment of Database of Victorian Psychiatrists available to support Victorian Health Care Workers during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Joint Project funded by DHHS for Victorian Branch for the wellbeing of psychiatry workforce including trainees in the public health system worth around $50,000
  • Webinar Series for Victorian members of RANZCP
  • Moderator for panel discussion on role of psychiatrists and trainees in supporting their colleagues and other HCWs during COVID crisis
  • Project InItTogether, Supporting Victorian psychiatrists/SIMGs/Trainees to support their overseas colleagues through COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Participant in national advocacy group promoting appropriate PPE for HCWs during COVID pandemic, April 2020
  • Establishment and coordination of an advocacy group (of around 500 private psychiatrists) which successfully lobbied the Federal Minister of Health for establishment of new Telehealth MBS item numbers for outpatient care during COVID times.
  • Advocated for development, implementation and promotion of viable telehealth models of Mental Health Care in both Public and Private sectors during COVID